2017-18 Twilight Struggle BPA PBEM Tournament

Welcome to the home of the 3rd Boardgame Players Association Twilight Struggle play-by-email (PBEM) tournament.

Update June 10, 2018, The tournament is now in its single elimination phase.  

Signups are now closed.  Thank you for all for participating. 

If you would like to enter the tournament, sign up by October 27, 2017 – by posting a comment below. All entrants are required to be members of the Boardgame Players Association – see the BPA website for details about joining. (For a history of previous BPA Twilight Struggle tournaments, click here.)

The tournament format consists of a series of Swiss rounds, from which the top players will qualify for a four-round elimination stage. (The top  players in the standings will receive byes directly to the semifinals.) For more information about the tournament format and other rules and guidelines, click on the relevant links at the top of the page. (For background information about what a Swiss tournament format entails, click here.)

AFTER ACTION REPORTS ENCOURAGED: Note that we will endeavor to include any postgame recaps you wish to provide on the website, giving them their own unique webpages and including as many pictures (within reason) and as much text as you want. So please think about this as your games proceed – we’d love to document as much of the tournament action as possible!

To sign up for the tournament , add a comment below with:   



Playdek ID:   

Tool Preference in order (e.g. Playdek, Acts, Wargameroom):

Note all first time posts are moderated so it may take up to a few days for your post to become visible. No need to repost a second time.

SIGNUPS ARE NOW CLOSED. A future tournament has not been scheduled.

IMPORTANT REMINDER – STEAM/PLAYDEK IS THE DEFAULT TOOL FOR THIS TOURNAMENT.  ACTS or WargamerRoom games  will only be accommodated if both players agree.


Game Configuration

Games will use Deluxe Rules + optional cards with +2 influence for the United States as the starting condition.

No Chinese Civil War and no optional rules.

  • Extra Influence points are placed after all other Influence points for that country have been placed.
  • Such extra Influence may only be placed in countries where friendly Influence already exists.

Both players should confirm that the game is properly set up with the correct starting conditions before accepting and playing. If games are not setup correctly and this is discovered up to the turn 3 reshuffle, upon mutual agreement players can restart the game.

The optional cards should be included if the red (+) is lit up on the setup screen.

Influence should be +2 Americans


Games will be played using tools based on mutual agreement. ACTS, Playdek, Vassal Live, and WargameRoom are all acceptable options. The default tool used will be Playdek if players cannot agree.

The Playdek Twilight Struggle application is available at:

iTunes for Apple iOS platforms: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/twilight-struggle/id942766453?mt=8

Google Play Store for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playdekgames.twilightstruggle

Steam for PC/MacOS :http://store.steampowered.com/app/406290/Twilight_Struggle/

ACTS:  http://www.acts.warhorsesim.com/

Wargameroom:: http://www.wargameroom.com/


50 thoughts on “2017-18 Twilight Struggle BPA PBEM Tournament

  1. Chris Crane

    Please sign me up.

    Name: Chris Crane
    Playdek ID: craniumgroup
    ACTS ID: craniumgroup
    Tool Preference: Playdek, ACTS/Vassal

  2. Chris Thibault

    Let’s do this! =)

    Name: Chris Thibault
    Playdek ID: christhibault
    ACTS ID: Chris Thibault
    Tool Preference: Playdek (*STRONG preference*), ACTS/Vassal

  3. George Young

    I’ll join

    Name: George Young
    Playdek ID: gyoung20
    Acts ID: George Young
    Tool preference. Playdek, but I’ll use any of them.

  4. Frederick Finkenbinder

    Please sign me up, Tim. I did not attend WBC this year, so I just sent my PBEM membership fee via mail earlier this week.

    Name: Frederick Finkenbinder
    Playdek ID: FredF
    ACTS ID: bigbadscrubb
    Preference: Playdek (30-45 day game for the tournament) or ACTS.

  5. Michael Mitchell

    My ACTS ID in Michael Mitchell
    Playdek id mgmmitch100
    I use PLaydek, ACTS either alone or with  Vassal

  6. Mike Pacheco

    Please add me to the sign-up list.

    Name: Mike Pacheco

    ACTS ID: pachecoHQ
    Playdek ID: n/a
    Wargameroom ID: n/a

    Preference: ACTS

  7. Jeff Finkeldey

    Please sign me up….

    NAME: Jeff Finkeldey

    ACTS ID: JFinkeldey

    Playdek ID: cintijeff

    Tool Preference in order (e.g. Playdek, Acts, Wargameroom): 1) Playdek, 2) Acts

  8. Steve Antoine

    NAME: Steve Antoine
    ACTS ID: GeneralHammerschlag
    Playdek ID: LameLibra1982
    Tool Preference in order:. Playdek, Acts, No experience with Wargameroom

    1. Gregory Ottoman

      NAME: Greg Ottoman

      ACTS ID: Greg Ottoman

      Playdek ID: gottoman

      Tool Preference in order (e.g. Playdek, Acts, Wargameroom): Playdek, Acts, Don’t use wargameroom

  9. Allan Jiang

    NAME: Allan Jiang

    ACTS ID: none

    Playdek ID: aj16

    Tool Preference in order (e.g. Playdek, Acts, Wargameroom): Playdek only

  10. Derek Landel

    Please sign me up….

    NAME: Derek Landel

    ACTS ID: dlandel

    Tool Preference in order (e.g. Playdek, Acts, Wargameroom): 1) Acts

  11. René

    Please sign me up:
    NAME: René Moser-Johansen

    ACTS ID: René Moser-Johansen / EvilDeadDK

    Playdek ID: EvilDeadDK

    Tool Preference in order (e.g. Playdek, Acts, Wargameroom): Playdek

  12. Chris Hancock

    Please sign me up for TS
    ACTS I do not use this
    PLAYDEK ID 17086
    This would be my first use of Playdek, always play using Vassal.

  13. Steven Rugge

    Please sign me up for the tournament.

    NAME: Steven Rugge
    Playdek ID: ruggesm (Steam)
    Tool Preference in order (e.g. Playdek, Acts, Wargameroom)

    ACTS – with or without Vassal, Playdek – my version is on Steam, have not used Wargameroom.

  14. Mathieu Danel

    NAME: Mathieu Danel
    ACTS ID: MatDanel
    Playdek ID: Mat Danel
    Tool Preference in order (e.g. Playdek, Acts, Wargameroom): Playdek, ACTS

  15. Michael Stanley

    I’m in for the TS tournament

    Name: Mike Stanley
    Playdek ID: mikestanley3 (You mean on Steam, right?)
    ACTS ID: mikestanley
    Tool preference: Playdek/Steam; ACTS

  16. stmccull

    NAME: Sean McCulloch
    ACTS ID: Sean
    Playdek ID: stmccull (I think)
    Tool Preference in order (e.g. Playdek, Acts, Wargameroom): ACTS, then Playdek, then Wargameroom.

  17. David Schneider

    NAME: David Schneider
    ACTS ID: David XLV
    Playdek ID: David XLV
    Tool Preference in order (e.g. Playdek, Acts, Wargameroom): Playdek is the only one I’ve used before

  18. Mike Turian

    NAME: Mike Turian

    ACTS ID: [none]

    Playdek ID: mturian

    Tool Preference in order (e.g. Playdek, Acts, Wargameroom): Playdek

  19. Anthony Shaheen

    NAME: Anthony Shaheen

    ACTS ID: DarthMustang

    Playdek ID: DarthMustang

    Tool Preference in order (e.g. Playdek, Acts, Wargameroom): ACTS, Playdek, Wargameroom


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