Here is the full slate of Round 1 tournament games – results and recaps in the comments.

Games must be completed by December 12, 2017

Round Game Soviet   American Winner
1 1 Mathieu Danel Chris Crane  Mathieu Danel
1 2 Bill Edwards David Schneider  David Schneider
1 3 Anthony Russo Jean-Louis Dirion  Jean-Louis Dirion
1 4 Nik Doumpas Greg Ottoman  Nik Doumpas
1 5 Sean McCulloch Henry Rice  Sean McCulloch
1 6 Hochboim Haim Chris Hancock  Hochboim Haim
1 7 Alan Applebaum Aran Warsawski Aran Warsawski
1 8 Derek Landel Geoff Allbert  Geoff Allbert
1 9 Tim Tow René Moser-Johansen  Tim Tow
1 10 George Young Hank Burkhalter  George Young
1 11 Paul Sampson Randy Buehler  Paul Sampson
1 12 Nick Page Tom Dworschak  Nick Page
1 13 Steven Rugge David Amidon  Steven Rugge
1 14 Frederick Finkenbinder Michael Stanley Frederick Finkenbinder
1 15 John Corrado Adam Deverell  John Corrado
1 16 Roderick Lee Mike Pacheco  Mike Pacheco
1 17 Jeff Finkeldey Andre Heller  Jeff Finkeldey
1 18 Leslie King Steve Antoine  Leslie KIng
1 19 Mike Turian Allan Jiang  Mike Turian
1 20 Mike Kaye Bruce Monnin  Bruce Monnin
1 21 Michael Mitchell Michael Kiefte  Michael Kiefte
1 22 James Terry Antero Kuusi  Antero Kuusi
1 23 Wayne Bonnett Patrick Pence  Wayne Bonnett
1 24 Chris Thibault Charles Hickok  Chris Thibault
1 25 Tim Bina Anthony Shaheen  Tim Bina
1 26 Eliminator Monnin David Lopez  Eliminator
1 27 Marvin Birnbaum Eliminator Finkenbinder  Eliminator

ACTS Games: 1-08, 1-16, 1-20, 1-26, 1-27

Box Score  USSR 18 USA 9

At the end of your game, please post your results here: https://twilightstruggletourney.wordpress.com/2017r1/ with the following information:

Game #

Winner’s Name and Side

Victory Type

Turn Game Ended

Games must be finished by December 12, 2017


28 thoughts on “R1

  1. Frederick Finkenbinder

    Game # 14 – Frederick Finkenbinder vs. Michael Stanley

    Winner: Frederick Finkenbinder (USSR)
    Victory Type: USSR auto-victory (20 VPs)
    Turn Game Ended: Turn 5

  2. Alan Applebaum

    Game #7 – Alan Applebaum vs Aran Warsawski
    Victory Type – USSR resigned at US 13 VP
    Turn Game Ended: Turn 7

    1. stmccull

      Game #3- Sean McCulloch (USSR) vs Henry Rice (US)
      Victory Type: USSR wins with -23 VP
      Turn Game Ended: Turn 3

      Bad luck for the US in this one, as I scored dominance in Europe and Asia in Turn 2, then those cards both showed up in the US hand on turn 3.

  3. Antero

    Game # 22 – James Terry vs. Antero Kuusi

    Winner: Antero Kuusi (US)
    Victory Type: Final Scoring (19 VPs)

    USSR hit 19 points at midgame after unfortunate (for US) sequence of scoring cards. But USSR could not close it and with the rest of the scoring cards coming up with the US events from the deck, US slowly regained its position and points.

  4. Jean-Louis DIRION

    Game #3 Anthony Russo (USSR) vs Jean-Louis Dirion (USA)

    Victory Type: USA wins with -21 VP (auto victory
    Turn Game Ended: Turn 3

  5. Hochboim Haim

    Game # 6 – Hochboim Haim Vs. Chris Hancock

    Winner: Hochboim Haim (USSR)
    Victory Type: USSR auto-victory (20 VPs)
    Turn Game Ended: Turn 5

  6. Steven Rugge

    Game # 13

    Winner’s Name and Side Steven Rugge – USSR

    Victory Type – By Victory Point Track – USSR 21 points

    Turn Game Ended – 7

  7. Jeff Finkeldey

    Game 17 – Jeff Finkeldey vs.Andre Heller
    Winner – Jeff / USSR
    Final scoring (15pts) on turn 10

    Andre drew scoring cards nearly every turn and 2 on a few. It seemed like I had maybe 4 all game.

  8. Wayne Bonnett

    Game 23 -Wayne Bonnettt vs Patrick Pence
    Winner: Wayne Bonnett
    Victory type -opponent forfeited the game when timer ran out after 21 days (using playdek)
    We got to AR1 on turn 5

  9. David Schneider

    Game 2 – Bill Edwards vs David Schneider
    Winner: David Schneider (USA)
    Victory Type – Wargames
    Played Star Wars in Turn 9 AR1 to pull/play Wargames from discard deck, while at +13 points

  10. John Michael Corrado

    Game 15 – John Corrado vs. Adam Deverell
    Winner: John Corrado (USSR)
    Victory Type – Points
    Turn of victory: 4

    USSR rolled a 6 for his first coup in rounds 1 and 2, taking control of Italy and Pakistan and setting the tone for the rest of the game.

  11. Frederick Finkenbinder

    Game # 27 – Marvin Birnbaum (USSR) vs Frederick Finkenbinder (USA)

    Winner: Frederick Finkenbinder (USA)
    Victory Type: USSR concession
    Turn Game Ended: Turn 5

    USA was at 11 VPs at time of USSR concession.

  12. mgmitch100

    Michael Mitchell USA has defeated Roderick Lee USSR on turn 10, each with one card remaining to play and score US +8 by resignation.


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