Here is the full slate of Round 2 tournament games. This round is to be completed by 12 Feb 2018

Round Game Soviet American Winner
2 1 Chris Crane Bill Edwards  Bill Edwards
2 2 Greg Ottoman Anthony Russo Anthony Russo
2 3 Henry Rice Chris Hancock  Chris Hancock
2 4 Rene Moser-Johansen Alan Applebaum Rene Moser-Johansen
2 5 Hank Burkhlater Randy Buehler  Randy Buehler
2 6 Tom Dworshack Mike Stanley  Mike Stanley
2 7 David Amidon Adam Deverell  David Amidon
2 8 Andre Heller Steve Antone  Andre Heller
2 9 Allan Jiang Michael Mitchell  Allan Jiang
2 10 Patrick Pence James Terry  James Terry
2 11 Charlie Hickock Matthieu Danel  Matthieu Danel
2 12 David Schneider Sean McCullough  David Schneider
2 13 Jean-Louis Dirion Nik Doumpas  Jean-Louis Dirion
2 14 Aran Warsawski Hoichboim Haim  Aran Warsawski
2 15 George Young Tim Tow  Tim Tow
2 16 Nick Page Paul Sampson  Paul Sampson
2 17 Fred Finkenbinder John Corrado  Fred Finkenbinder
2 18 Jeff Finkeldey Leslie King  Leslie King
2 19 Mike Kiefte Mike Turian  Mike Turian
2 20 Antero Kuusi Wayne Bonnett  Wayne Bonnett
2 21 Chris Thibault Tim Bina  Tim Bina
2 22 Anthony Shaheen Marvin Birnbaum  Anthony Shaheen
2 23 Mike Pacheco Steve Rugge  Mike Pacheco
2 24 Geoff Allbert Bruce Monnin  Bruce Monnin
2 25 Roderick Lee Michael Kaye  Michael Kaye
2 26 David Lopez Derek Landel  Derek Landel

Box Score Soviet 10   American  16

ACTS games are 2-22 through 2-26



24 thoughts on “R2

  1. Wayne Bonnett

    Game 20 Kuusi vs Bonnett

    Winner : Wayne Bonnett (USA)
    Auto victory (20 VPs) Turn 5

    The cards for the US player fell at the right time in the early war and the USSR never recovered.

  2. Frederick Finkenbinder

    Game # 17 – Frederick Finkenbinder (USSR) vs. John Corrado (USA

    Winner: Frederick Finkenbinder (USSR)
    Victory Type: USSR win via USA forfeit
    Turn Game Ended: Turn 9

    This was a very tense game with USA almost always in the lead with VPs. However, by turn 9 USSR dominated or controlled Central and South America and Africa, with all other regions being split. Final score was +1 VP when USA decided to forfeit.

  3. Aran Warszawski

    Game 14:: Aran Warszawski (USSR) – Haim Hochboim (USA)
    In the Israeli match USSR won by reaching 20 at the end of turn 7

  4. Mike Turian

    Game 19 Mike Kiefte (USSR) Mike Turian (USA)

    USA (Mike Turian) wins on Turn 10 with 20+ VPs

    (Also, my name is spelled incorrectly on the top post. It should be Turian)

  5. Tim Post author

    2-15 Tim’s USA was victorious on turn 6 achieving 20 VPs after a disastrous Bear Trap where the Soviets failed to escape 4 rounds in a row. The only non 5-6 rolled was an unsuccessful Brush War headline in between.

  6. David Schneider

    Game 12: David Schneider vs Sean McCulloch

    David (USSR) wins in Round 9 by DefCon due to accidental coup by Sean. Close game where neither player got higher than 7 on scoring track.

  7. Michael Stanley

    Game 7: Mike Stanley (USA) vs. Tom Dworshack (USSR)

    Stanley (USA) won a game that went to Final Scoring, after which the USA had 19 VP.

    Considering I started turn one with 6 USSR cards in my hand, and turn two with 5 USSR cards, I’m a little flabbergasted to have pulled this one out. But I had some lucky timing, and I was able to win most of my wars and coups, while my opponent’s rolls were, well, less than optimal.

    Turn 9 had fortunate plays for both of us. My hand included Arab-Israeli War, Brush War AND Indo-Pakistani War – and I had put Flower Power into play 4 turns earlier – ouch. Fortunately I also had “An Evil Empire,” which I played in the turn 9 Headline Phase. I was also holding Wargames, and was far enough ahead on points that I anticipated a quick ending to the game. However, Tom played………(wait for it)…….Aldrich Ames, and away went Wargames.

    Great game, great fun, great opponent.

    And so it goes……..

  8. Allan Jiang

    Game 9: Allan Jiang vs Michael Mitchell
    I won as USSR by final scoring, with 3VP. Bear Trap cost me 5 rounds in Turn 6 and 7, greatly swinging the pendulum. I caught a break in the end though, with the majority of Michael’s cards in Turn 10 benefiting me.

  9. René Moser-Johansen

    Round 2 Game 4
    USSR (René Moser-Johansen) wins against US (Alan Applebaum) with Wargames in round 9. The USSR quickly established a large VP point lead, but could not finish the job in Midwar. US started to close the gap and endgame scoring could most likely have gone either way. Luckily the USSR drew and played Wargames in round 9.

  10. Randy Buehler

    Game 5: Randy Buehler wins (over Hank Burkhlater)
    Game ended via concession in round 2 because Hank was down to 13 hours of time. Death via no internet access over the holidays … not how I wanted to win :/ (To be fair I was up 5 veeps and ahead on board, in my opinion, but it was still quite early.)

  11. Paul Sampson

    Game 16: Paul Sampson wins (over Nick Page)
    Nick fought valiantly but succumbed to defeat via auto victory (20 VP) at the end of turn 8. I was fortunate to be able to prevent his playing into SA on that turn with the scoring card in hand, which was enough to see me over the line.

  12. Steve Antoine

    Game 8: Andre Heller (USSR) wins over Steve Antoine (USA). Turn 5 auto victory (20VP) for USSR during headline phase. Great game by Andre.

  13. Mathieu Danel

    Game 2-11: USSR – Charlie Hickock has run out of time on T4-AR7, to give a US victory (Mathieu Danel).

    The Mid War has just started and USSR had 7 VPs. USSR was shortly ahead on the board. But USA was ready to fight with Destalinization played, Decolonisation discarded without been played after the reshuffle, and Our man in Teheran about to be played in the T4-AR7. It would be interesting to see the end of this game.

  14. Steven Rugge

    Game 23. Mike Pacheco (USSR) defeated Steve Rugge (USA) – autovictory – 20 VP’s on Turn 10. USA only got one scoring card in the entire game so was unable to play scoring when it was to USA advantage to do so. USA had the cards for a Europe win on Turn 10, but USSR had scoring cards to take the score to 20 at the beginning of Turn 10.


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