Here is the full slate of Round 3 tournament games – results and recaps in the comments that players have submitted are all shown here.

This round will end by March 29, 2018

Round Game Soviet American Winner Acts
3 1 Bruce Monnin Mike Pacheco  Mike Pacheco Y
3 2 Tim Tow Aran Warsawski  Aran Warsawski Y
3 3 Leslie King David Schnieder  David Schnieder
3 4 Wayne Bonnett Fred Finkenbinder Wayne Bonnett
3 5 Paul Sampson David Amidon  David Amidon
3 6 Matthieu Danel Jean-Louis Dirion  Jean-Louis Dirion
3 7 Tim Bina Mike Turian  Mike Turian
3 8 Bill Edwards Michael Kiefte  Bill Edwards
3 9 James Terry Steven Rugge  Steven Rugge
3 10 Anthony Russo Chris Thibault  Anthony Russo
3 11 Randy Buehler Antero Kuusi  Antero Kuusi
3 12 Sean McCulloch Anthony Shaheen  Anthony Shaheen Y
3 13 John Corrado Rene Moser-Johansen  Rene Moser-Johansen
3 14 Michael Stanley Andre Heller Michael Stanley
3 15 Nk Doumpas Nick Page  Nick Page
3 16 Haim Hochboim Jeff Finkeldey  Haim Hochboim
3 17 Derek Landel George Young  Derek Landel
3 18 Chris Hancock Allan Jiang  Allan Jiang
3 19 Mike Kaye Geoff Allbert  Mike Kaye Y
3 20 Patrick Pence Hank Burkhalter  Hank Burkhalter
3 21 Steve Antoine Greg Ottoman  Greg Ottoman
3 22 Henry Rice Tom Dworschak  Tom Dworschak
3 23 Marvin Birnbaum Roderick Lee  Roderick Lee
3 24 Christopher Crane Charles Hickock  Christopher Crane
3 25 Michael Mitchell David Lopez  Michael Mitchell Y
3 26 Adam Deverell Alan Applebaum  Adam Deverell

Box Score USSR 10    USA 16


26 thoughts on “R3

  1. Wayne Bonnett

    Wayne Bonnett (USSR) defeated Fred Finkenbinder (USA) by reaching 20 VPs in turn 7. Fred was up against it from the early war when the scoring cards fell at the right time and poor coup results in SA sealed the victory in turn 7.

  2. Allan Jiang

    Game 18: Allan wins via DEFCON on Turn 5. Chris had a very difficult start with 3 scoring cards in Turn 1, and 2 more in Turn 3.

  3. Steven Rugge

    Steve Rugge (USA) defeated James Terry (USSR) on Turn 9 with 21 Victory Points. The USA took the lead early with Containment and the takeover of Asia, and while the USSR fought back valiantly, eventually the USA prevailed playing Duck and Cover for 3 VP and then Iron Lady to Space for 4 VP’s to seal the deal.

  4. Aran Warszawski

    Game 2
    Aran Warszawski (USA) wins againts Tim Tow (USSR) in final scoring of 17.
    Was close till the very end.

  5. David Amidon

    David Amidon(US) defeated Paul Sampson(USSR) by VP on turn 7. USSR completely dominated early war, with 14 BG to 6 BG by end of turn 3. Included successful Blockade event on turn 2. However, US was able to hold Decol and DeStal over the shuffle while keeping dom of Europe. Turn 4 began with USSR using ABM to coup Thailand, following up with Muslim as ops to take it while scoring SE Asia later that turn. That was high tide for USSR. US eventually scored Control of South America, Central America, and dom of Africa and Europe for the victory. Interesting game, decided by access.

  6. Antero

    Antero Kuusi (USA) defeats Randy Buehler (USSR) in final scoring (final score is 20 vp).

    The most important turn was T6 where USSR was hit by Purges while holding several of the strong 2-OP US events. Whenever USSR triggers Voice of America by his own play, you know things are not going to go well for them.

  7. Jean-Louis DIRION

    Game 6: in a french game, Jean-Louis Dirion (USA) defeated Matthieu Danel (USSR) on Turn 10 with 20 Victory Points thnaks to the play of Europe Scoring Card..

  8. René Moser-Johansen

    Game 13. René Moser-Johansen (US) wins over John Corrado (USSR) due to USSR running out of time (game was on Playdek). Game reached turn 5, AR 6, when USSR became inactive and ran out of time.

  9. Mike Pacheco

    Mike Pacheco (US) defeated Bruce Monnin (USSR) by +8 VPs in Final Scoring after turn 10. It was a great slugging match, filled with streaks of good and bad fortune, as the US was on the ropes from turn 6 on. The Soviets struggled to land a knock-out blow by either AV or, later, Wargames, but the US managed to avoid defeat while maneuvering for a strong board position (+25). Even during turn 10 the Soviets were at -18, but the coup de grace was never meant to be.

  10. Tim Post author

    In 3-23, USA won by controlling Europe in Final Scoring after Tear Down This
    Wall enabled US to realign Soviets out of Germany (already controlled
    Poland after Solidarity in Turn 8). Absent this event, final scoring
    outside of Europe would’ve been 25.


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