Here is the full slate of Round 4 tournament games –  results and recaps in the comments that players have submitted are all shown below.

This round will end by May 13, 2018

Round Game Soviet American Winner Tool
4 1 Aran Warsawski Jean-Louis Dirion  Aran Warsawski  ACTS
4 2 Mike Pacheo David Schneider David Schneider
4 3 Mike Turian Wayne Bonnett Mike Turian
4 4 Allan Jiang Leslie King Leslie King
4 5 Rene Moser-Johansen Derek Landel Rene Moser-Johansen
4 6 Steven Rugge Paul Sampson Steven Rugge
4 7 David Amidon Tim Bina David Amidon
4 8 Mike Stanley Mike Kaye Mike Stanley  ACTS
4 9 Bruce Monnin Matthieu Danel Bruce Monnin
4 10 Antero Kuusi Bill Edwards Antero Kuusi
4 11 Anthony Shaheen Fred Finkenbinder Anthony Shaheen
4 12 Haim Hochboim Anthony Russo Haim Hochboim
4 13 Nick Page Tim Tow Tim Tow
4 14 Randy Buehler Michael Kiefte Randy Buehler
4 15 Tom Dworschak Jeff Finkeldey Tom Dworschak
4 16 Michael Mitchell Nik Doumpas Nik Doumpas
4 17 Adam Deverell James Terry  James Terry
4 18 Greg Ottoman Hank Burkhalter Hank Burkhalter
4 19 Chris Hancock Chris Crane Chris Crane
4 20 Andre Heller Chris Thibault Chris Thibault
4 21 Charles Hickok Sean McCulloch Charles Hickok
4 22 George Young John Corrado George Young
4 23 Steve Antoine Alan Applebaum Alan Applebaum
4 24 Henry Rice Marvin Birnbaum Marvin Birnbaum
4 25 Geoff Allbert Roderick Lee Geoff Allbert  ACTS
4 26 Patrick Pence Michael Mitchell (E) Michael Mitchell (E)

(E) playing as an eliminator

Box Score USSR 15  USA  11



24 thoughts on “R4

  1. Anthony Shaheen

    Shaheen def. Finkenbinder on T9 with a very very very lucky DEFCON victory. Aldrich Ames and whomever the Lone Gunman may be were an unfortunate draw for Fred who was well ahead at the time.

  2. Bruce Monnin (@BruceMonnin)

    Bruce Monnin defeated Mathieu Danel at the end of Turn 4 with a 20 VP USSR autowin. USSR played Ask Not on last play of Turn, and USSR picked up South America Scoring, which gave USSR 10 VP, plus kept USA from doing a coup which provided the final 2 VP needed.

  3. Leslie King

    Leslie King (USA) defeated Allan Jiang on turn 9 by 2 points after “Star Wars” was used to take “Wargames” from the discard pile.

  4. Mike Stanley

    Mike Stanley (USSR) defeated Mike Kaye (USA) barely – by the skin of his teeth. At the end of turn 9, the score was 0. If final scoring had taken place then, the final scoring would have been a net 0. Then during turn 10, Mike Kaye’s USA got up by as many as 7 VP, including 3 VP for Duck & Cover, 1 VP for Mideast scoring after taking out Iran, and 3VP for Arms Race. My Brush War Victory reduced his VP standing to 6 VP. We both had pretty good cards, but I had the right cards. A major occurrence was my playing Terrorism on him when the Iranian Hostage Crisis was in effect, giving me the last card play of the game. Final scoring gave the USA 2 VP for C.A., 1 VP for Africa, and 1 VP for the China Card. The USSR got 5 VP for Europe and 6 VP for Asia. Net 7 VP for USSR – moving the final score to -1. Whew. A very tight, hard fought game.

  5. jamesdterry

    In game 17 James Terry defeats Adam Deverell on Turn 9 with a Defcon in the headline phase. US headlined Soviets Shoot Down KAL-007 while the USSR went with We Will Bury You. Ka-boom.

  6. David Amidon

    David Amidon(USSR) defeats Tim Bina(US) by 4VP in Final Victory count. Nail biter. US was at +17VP on turn 9. Turn 10 starts with VP still at +10, with a neutral CA as the only scoring region unplayed. Wargames is in the deck, but not in USSR hand so the last turn is played with the assumption that Wargames is in the US hand. Glasnost HL dropped VP to 8, then both players space, aiming for the same box worth 3 VP. US misses and USSR hits to drop VP to 5. both players passed on a BG coup with Africa BG evenly divided, to battle for space track instead! every IP mattered. Great game.

  7. Tim Post author

    In 4-13, Tim (US) defeats Nick (USSR) on turn 6 with 20 VPs. The US led in VPS starting with 1 VP from MidEast Scoring, starting turn 6 with 16 VPS. Despite a failed Brush War against Thailand headline and play of Cambridge 5, which revealed SE Asia scoring in the US hand, and being Quagmired only to miss the first Quagmire escape attempt, the US managed to get the 4 necessary VPs via: +1 VP from SE Asia Scoring, +1 from Soviet play of Camp David Accords and then the last 2 VPs for failed military Ops

  8. randybuehler11

    Randy Buehler defeats Michael Kiefte via DefCon 1 on turn 6. (He tried to dump Lone Gunman in the headline phase, but I had headlined Junta and was able to drop the DefCon to 2 before it resolved …)

  9. Steven Rugge

    Steve Rugge (USSR) defeated Paul Sampson (USA) with Wargames to end the game on Turn 9 with VP’s at +6 USSR. The USSR took an early lead and got the VP’s to 17 but could not quite get them to 20. USA started making a comeback though and probably would have won the game on final scoring were not for the USSR using Salt Negotiations to pull Wargames from the Discard pile and then drop DEFCON to 2 with a series of coups before finally playing Wargames for the win.

  10. Geoff Allnert

    Game 4-25
    Roderick Lee (USA) vs. Geoff Allbert (USSR)
    Auto-victory for USSR, in turn 4.

    Classic Soviet runaway, 10 points for South America followed by a victorious Brush war in Africa.

  11. René

    Game 4-5
    USSR (René Moser-Johansen) wins over US (Derek Landel) by 10 vps in end game scoring. USSR quickly established a 17 point lead, but good play and dices on “fire” for the US, meant that USSR could not end the game and US nibbled away at the lead. A game with excitement until the very end.


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