,Here is the full slate of Round 5 tournament games – results and and recaps in the comments that players have submitted are all shown here.


This round is scheduled to end by June 13, 2018


Round Game Soviet American Winner Tool
5 1 David Schneider Aran Warsawski David Schneider
5 2 Leslie King Mike Turian  Mike Turian
5 3 Jean-Louis Dirion Rene Moser-Johansen  Jean-Louis Dirion
5 4 Wayne Bonnett Mike Stanley Wayne Bonnett 
5 5 Anthony Shaheen Steven Rugge Anthony Shaheen
5 6 Bruce Monnin Haim Hoichboim Bruce Monnin
5 7 Tim Tow David Amidon David Amidon
5 8 Antero Kuusi Mike Pacheco Antero Kuusi ACTS
5 9 Paul Sampson Geoff Albert Paul Sampson
5 10 Matthieu Danel Nick Page Matthieu Danel
5 11 Derek Landel Allan Jiang Allan Jiang 
5 12 Mike Kaye Randy Buehler Randy Buehler 
5 13 Sean McCullogh Bill Edwards  Sean McCullogh
5 14 Fred Finkenbinder Chris Crane Fred Finkenbinder 
5 15 Tim Bina Nick Doumpas Tim Bina
5 16 Chris Thibault James Terry Chris Thibault 
5 17 Anthony Russo Hank Burkhalter  Hank Burkhalter
5 18 George Young Tom Dworshack Tom Dworshack
5 19 Michael Mitchell (E) Jeff Finkeldey Jeff Finkeldey
5 20 Roderick Lee Michael Mitchell  Michael Mitchell
5 21 Michael Kiefte Greg Ottoman  Greg Ottoman
5 22 Marvin Birnbaum Chris Hancock Marvin Birnbaum
5 23 Alan Applebaum Andre Heller Alan Applebaum
5 24 Henry Rice Adam Deverell Adam Deverell
5 25 Steve Antoine Patrick Pence Patrick Pence
5 26 MIchael Mitchell (E)  Charles Hickock MIchael Mitchell (E)

(E) Michael Mitchell will be playing as an eliminator

Box Score Soviet 15  American 11


24 thoughts on “R5

  1. Bruce Monnin

    In game #6, Bruce Monnin’s USSR scored a 20 VP win on turn 4 over Haim Hochboim’s USA. USSR had great cards on turns 1, 2 &4, plus hit every die roll they tried, including successfully couping Italy and Iran on turn 1.

  2. Anthony Shaheen

    Shaheen defeats Rugge on T8 AR 1 by victory point track win. Rugge was lucky with the dice but the cards fell in favor of Shaheen, with a 6 point OPEC and SALT on T7 to get it back.

  3. Paul Sampson

    Paul Sampson defeats Geoff Allbutt in turn 6. Geoff ended up couping a battleground with defcon at 2 and did not see any warning about the resulting thermonuclear devastation. Geoff had a good chance to win had this game gone to the end – he had a lead on the scoreboard and had a good board position. I feel a bit guilty about taking the win but I guess that’s part of the game.

  4. randybuehler11

    Randy Buehler defeats Mike Kaye. Red Scare as my first headline got me ahead and he was never really able to recover. Got to 20 points with a couple of scoring cards to lead of T6.

  5. Mike Turian

    Mike Turian (USA) defeats Leslie King (USSR) on Turn 4 when USSR Five-Year Plans made USSR Defcon kill itself with Duck and Cover.

  6. mgmitch100

    Michael Mitchell USSR has defeated Charlie Hickok on turn 4 by AV when I scores Domination in Africa,

  7. Wayne Bonnett

    Wayne Bonnett (USSR) defeated Mike Stanley (USA) by reaching the 20 VPs on turn 6. Mike had a disastrous draw after playing Ask Not what your country… and drawing two scoring cards which were Soviet VPs. Very Unlucky!!

  8. David Amidon

    David Amidon(US) defeated Tim Tow(USSR) in Final Victory phase. This game see-sawed back and forth for a while before breaking for US in the late Mid-War. USSR made up some ground, but tough coup rolls hindered him.
    the opening was unusually successful/lucky for US. HL for turn 1 is Containment vs Vietnam. after a successful USSR coup of Iran, US coups Vietnam with a 6 and survives USSR coup of Vietnam. this is followed by a US coup of Iran that restores it to US control and drops DEFCON to 3. At this point I thought I was in the gravy. However USSR riposte is DeStal placing 2 in Thailand! It cost him in other map areas, but it stabilized Asia. Fun game.

  9. Frederick Finkenbinder

    Fred Finkenbinder (USSR) defeated Chris Crane (USA) in Final Scoring – total score at the end was +14 VP.
    This was a nail-biting game that we knew would go down to the wire, with the score hovering around 0 VP for most of the game. USSR started to poke around the edges on Turn 9 before the USA exposed Lone Gunman to the USSR on Turn 10 via a play of Aldrich Ames. Due to a fortunate 9-VP scoring of Central America earlier in the turn, the game was safely determined in Final Scoring (Fred did not want to end the game in a USA DEFCON loss, due to how close it had been all game). Chris was a great player and this was a fantastic game from start to finish!

    1. Frederick Finkenbinder

      For to mention – we noticed on Turn 3 that I had mistakenly set up the game without optional cards. I offered to restart (I feel the optionals do help the USA) – but Chris opted to continue, so on we went!

  10. Allan Jiang

    Game 11: Allan Jiang won on Turn 9 via headline of Alliance for Progress, scoring 7VP for the auto-victory. Interestingly, both Americas, Africa, and the Middle East were all under control of one player at at least one point in time.

  11. Hank Burkhalter

    Hank Burkhalter USA defeated Anthony Russo USSR in final scoring with USA 3. A very close game that saw 10 or more coups in Central America.

  12. Sean McCulloch

    Sean McCulloch beat Bill Edwards with a score of -21 in turn 9. Bill managed to discard 2 big USSR scoring cards with Ask Not, and run the space race to the end to bring the score back to -1, but the scoring cards came back soon after and kind of snowballed on him

  13. David Schneider

    David Schneider USSR defeats Aran Warsawski USA with 21 VPs at start of turn 10. USA reversed early deficit by scoring 18 VPs on turn 4, and it looked like USA would hold slight advantage in final scoring. But USSR scored both of its scoring cards at the beginning of Late War to pull away and end the game before USA could score all of his regions.

  14. Jean-Louis DIRION

    In game 3, Jean-Louis Dirion (USSR) defeated Rene Moser-Johansen (USA) i Final Scoring Phase with 9VP. Many USA realignement rolls were missed by the US!

  15. Tim Post author

    In 5-19, Jeff reports…Our round 5 game of TWS has completed…I won as the US on a turn 8 play of Wargames, final score US +8. The US was able to get out to a lead by turn 4 and hang on.

  16. Mathieu Danel

    Mathieu Danel, USSR, defeated Nick Page, USA.
    The clock has run out of time for Nick during Turn 7. VPs were 3 for USSR. On the map, may be a very slight advantage for the USSR with the Domination in Europe and Asia, the others continents being disputed.
    USA was about to score 11 VPs with Africa Scoring during Turn 7 HL, but USSR has been dealt Decolonization and played it as HL, reducing the VPs award to 5.

  17. Antero

    Antero Kuusi (USSR) defeated Mike Pacheco (US) by reaching 20 VPs on Turn 10. US was frozen by Red Scares several times in key turns, giving USSR early board position advantage. Still, it took until the last turn before USSR was able to amass enough points.

    Special dishonorable mention to rocket scientists of both sides: Dozen or so space race rolls resulted in exactly one success.


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