Here is the full slate of Single Elimination Semi-Finals and Finals tournament games – results and links to any postgame recaps/AARs the players have submitted are all shown here.


1.Mike Turian (5-0,  150, 3 US WIns)

2. David Schneider (5-0,  140, 3 US Wins)

3. Aran Warsawski (4-1,  170, 2 US Wins)

Single Elimination Quarter FInals Qualifiers

4. Wayne Bonnett (4-1, 150, 1 US Wins)

5. Jean-Louis Dirion (4-1, 140, 2 US Wins)

6. David Amidon (4-1, 140, 2 US WIns, 3 games US)

7. Antero Kuusi (4-1, 140, 2 US WIns, 2 games US)

8. Bruce Monnin (4-1, 130, 2 US wins, 2 games US)

9. Anthony Shaheen (4-1, 120, 1 US win, 2 games US)

Player listed on the left side has the first bid.

Single Elimination Quarter Finals to be completed by July 16 (Completed June 5)

Round Game Player(Side) Player (Side) Winner Tool
6 1 Wayne Bonnett (USSR) Anthony Shaheen(USA +2) Anthony Shaheen (USA) Playdek
6 2 Jean-Louis Dirion (USA +2) Bruce Monnin (USSR)  Jean-Louis Dirion (USA) Playdek
6 3 David Amidon (USA +2) Antero Kuusi (USSR) Antero Kuusi (USSR) Playdek

Box Score USSR 1  USA 2


Single Elimination Semi Finals to be completed by August 15 (Completed July 8)

Round Game Player(Side) Player (Side) Winner Tool
7 1 Aran Warsawski (USSR) Antero Kuusi (USA +2) Aran Warsawski Playdek
7 2 Anthony Shaheen (USA +2) Jean-Louis Dirion (USSR) Anthony Shaheen (USA) Playdek

Box Score  USSR 1  USA 1


Single Elimination Finals to be completed by August 31

Round Game Player(Side) Player (Side) Winner Tool
8 1 Mike Turian (USA +2) Aran Warsawski Aran Warsawski Playdek
8 2 David Schneider(USSR) Anthony Shaheen (USA +2) David Schneider(USSR) Playdek

Box Score USSR 2   USA

Championship Match  to be completed by October 15

Round Game Player(Side) Player (Side) Winner Tool
9 1 Aran Warsawski David Schneider Playdek

Box Score USSR  USA

Consolation Matches to be completed by October 15

Round Game Player(Side) Player (Side) Winner Tool
9 2 Anthony Shaheen (USA +2) Mike Turian Playdek
9 3  Jean-Louis Dirion (USSR) Antero Kuusi (USA +2) Antero Kuusi Playdek

Box Score USSR  USA 1

Final Top 6 Standings  (* BPA Laurels awarded)

  1.  Winner of 9-1
  2.  Loser of 9-1
  3.  Winner of 9-2
  4.  Loser of 9-2
  5.  Antero Kuusi
  6.  Jean-Louis DIrion

Box Score

Swiss Rounds USSR 68 USA 63  (.519 USSR Winning percentage)

SE Rounds USSR  4 USA 4 (with 2 remaining)

Total  USSR 72 USA 67 (with 2 remaining)  ( .517 USSR winning percentage)


7 thoughts on “SE

  1. Anthony S Post author

    In a game of crazy good dice (Wayne) vs crazy good cards (me), the crazy good cards were victorious. Thanks to Wayne for an excellent game.

    Usa wins on final scoring +10

  2. Jean-Louis DIRION

    In the game 6-2, the USA (Jean-Louis) won in Turn 5 with 21 VP thanks to successive optimal hands of cards!

  3. Anthony Shaheen

    Thanks again Tim for doing all of this. I personally really appreciate the color coding and bold-type that you do for the matches and winners (not at all sarcasm, I really like it).

  4. Anthony Shaheen

    Shaheen’s luck with the cards continue, as the USA is victorious via DEFCON track victory on Y8 AR 2. Thanks again to Jean-Louis for an excellent game, he was a very good sport after a completely lopsided midwar in favor of the US.

  5. Antero Kuusi

    Antero Kuusi (USSR) wins David Amidon (US) on DEFCON victory on T8 when US accidentally couped Angola in DEFCON 2.

    This is bit of an embarrasing victory as US was in a stronger position and clear favorite to win at this point even with my strong hand for T8.

  6. David Schneider

    David Schneider (USSR) defeats Anthony Shaheen (USA) in final scoring with a total of -3. USSR succeeded on 9 of 10 die rolls for VPs (3 of 4 space race rolls for points, and all 6 war card rolls, worth 16 VPs). A close game inwhich both players held dominance at some point in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America, and by final scoring the only regions dominated were Central America (for USSR) and Europe (USA). USSR led by as much as 17 early in Mid-War, lost the lead briefly by the end of Mid-War, then got better hands in Late War to retake and hold small lead. On final turn of game, USA needed a 4 ops card to force an overall tie, which he would have won on tiebreaker as the USA. But the last two 4 ops cards were still in the undealt deck of 11 cards, to seal the win for USSR.

  7. bridgediary776367291

    Aran Warszawski (USSR) wins against Mike Turian (USA) at 32 in final scoring.
    The game started very close. Since I Headlined Social Governments, vs Marshal Plan, I decided to Coup Italy on the open, which allowed me to take France, and tie Europe till end of game. Meanwhile I made better progress in Asia, while Mike took over the ME. so game was balanced.
    An early Panama coup left Panama at (0,0) so no one got to SA till very late in the game (the relevant event cards didn’t come)
    I lost Asia to a tie while Mike got completely over the ME, But I was able to get a hold in Africa, and a better position at CA. Most of the US cards came hard at turns 5 and 6, which made the game tilting toward US on the board But I did had a lead of about 9, so close tilting toward me.
    But at this point, the deck was clearly tilting to USSR (as most of the good US cards came before) so turn 7 and 8 saw me taking over SA CA and Africa while keeping a tie in Europe and Asia.
    An interesting thing happened at the start of turn 7 when at the end of Turn 6 I had to Bear Trap myself because Mike played 5 year plan earlier, and I had more important cards to space.
    I failed at my roll in the 1st round of turn 7 to get out o the trap, and Mike played SALT. Making the defcon 5. I headlines Social governments though.
    In 2nd round I was out of the trap, but Mike just played IP on Italy in W Ger to get back to his control there. so in defcon 5 I found my self in a strange situation where I can coup but leaving Europe exposed, while if I just play IP, Mike can realign my France.
    So I just realigned W Ger, to (0,0) (Thanks to Willy)I had a+1 from France and E Ger, and also I realigned Algeria when I was (1,2) to (0,2)* and so France was only +1 to US now for a realignment roll, Luckily Mike rolled very bad on his realignment on France (which was (2,6)* and moved to (0,4)* with 3 realignment rolls), from that point the game became an easy win for me.
    Mike rolled horribly on Realignment almost on all of his rolls, which helped.


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