Here is the full slate of Single Elimination Semi-Finals and Finals tournament games – results and links to any postgame recaps/AARs the players have submitted are all shown here.


1.Mike Turian (5-0,  150, 3 US WIns)

2. David Schneider (5-0,  140, 3 US Wins)

3. Aran Warsawski (4-1,  170, 2 US Wins)

Single Elimination Quarter FInals Qualifiers

4. Wayne Bonnett (4-1, 150, 1 US Wins)

5. Jean-Louis Dirion (4-1, 140, 2 US Wins)

6. David Amidon (4-1, 140, 2 US WIns, 3 games US)

7. Antero Kuusi (4-1, 140, 2 US WIns, 2 games US)

8. Bruce Monnin (4-1, 130, 2 US wins, 2 games US)

9. Anthony Shaheen (4-1, 120, 1 US win, 2 games US)

Player listed on the left side has the first bid.

Single Elimination Quarter Finals to be completed by July 16

Round Game Player(Side) Player (Side) Winner Tool
6 1 Wayne Bonnett (USSR) Anthony Shaheen(USA +2) Anthony Shaheen (USA) Playdek
6 2 Jean-Louis Dirion (USA +2) Bruce Monnin (USSR)  Jean-Louis Dirion (USA) Playdek
6 3 David Amidon (USA +2) Antero Kuusi (USSR) Playdek

Box Score USSR 0  USA 2


Single Elimination Semi Finals to be completed by August 31

Round Game Player(Side) Player (Side) Winner Tool
7 1 Aran Warsawski Winner of 6-3
7 2 Anthony Shaheen (USA +2) Jean-Louis Dirion (USSR) Anthony Shaheen (USA) Playdek

Box Score  USSR 0  USA 1


Single Elimination Finals to be completed by October 15

Round Game Player(Side) Player (Side) Winner Tool
8 1 Mike Turian Winner of 7-1
8 2 David Schneider(USSR) Anthony Shaheen (USA +2)

Box Score USSR   USA


Championship to be completed by December 5

Round Game Player(Side) Player (Side) Winner Tool
9 1 Winner of 8-1 Winner of 8-2

Box Score USSR  USA


4 thoughts on “SE

  1. Anthony S Post author

    In a game of crazy good dice (Wayne) vs crazy good cards (me), the crazy good cards were victorious. Thanks to Wayne for an excellent game.

    Usa wins on final scoring +10

  2. Jean-Louis DIRION

    In the game 6-2, the USA (Jean-Louis) won in Turn 5 with 21 VP thanks to successive optimal hands of cards!

  3. Anthony Shaheen

    Thanks again Tim for doing all of this. I personally really appreciate the color coding and bold-type that you do for the matches and winners (not at all sarcasm, I really like it).

  4. Anthony Shaheen

    Shaheen’s luck with the cards continue, as the USA is victorious via DEFCON track victory on Y8 AR 2. Thanks again to Jean-Louis for an excellent game, he was a very good sport after a completely lopsided midwar in favor of the US.


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